Agriculture sector lagging behind for want of proper data management system

Secretary of Karnali Province Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Rajendra Prasad Mishra has named ‘insufficiency of information’ as the excellent shortcoming in the farming area.

Offering his closing comments at a three-day ‘Region level Orientation on Farmers’ Indexing System’ coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture Development, Kathmandu, and facilitated by Karnali Province Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives yesterday, he guaranteed that information was the principle reason for arranging and advancement in any area. “On the off chance that there is any issue winning in horticulture, that is information. We are falling behind in completing our works as a result of absence of information. We were unable to accomplish appropriate work in agribusiness without real information of ranchers,” he noted. “We can set up a structure for point of view advancement once we enter information into the framework,” Secretary Mishra asserted.

“Presently, there are 298,000 families in Karnali Province. We can go near the ground reality by gathering information of 250,000 family units.

Enrollment of ranchers will begin from mid-February once the preparation is led the nation over,” Mishra added.

He said categorisation of ranchers should be possible in the second stage exclusively after assortment of information.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Prakash Kumar Sanjel said it was a uber mission of the public authority to enlist ranchers and deal with their grouping through programming.

The heads of horticulture and domesticated animals administration office of every one of the 10 regions of Karnali who went to the program said agribusiness was the primary wellspring of occupation of people, so the state component should concoct information based wanting to advance farming in the country.


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